Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Vacation 2015 - Day 4.

We spent the night at Camping Bannwaldsee. Unfortunately, during weekends they have their Biergarten open with loud music far into the night, so we did not get the full benefits from a night's sleep.

Instead of taking the shortest road to the Innsbruck/Brenner freeway, we visited Oberammergau (not far from Garmisch-Partenkirchen where the famous new year's day worls cup ski jumping contest is held), as the town is famous for its many wall paintings.

It was another hot day with temperatures about 35 degrees Celsius, so we did not stay very long, but below is some pictures taken during our visit.

Probably because of the lack of sleep, my wife forgot to load the iron stool we used to have as a step in front of the door to the caravan. We did not notice until pausing for lunch on the Innnsbruck/Brenner freeway, so going back for it was not an option. I was a bit upset, as the stool had been a part of my camping experiences as long as I can remember.

While we were crossing the Austrian Alps, the temperature rose even further, as can be seen from this rather blurred photo:

Below are a few more photos taken while driving through the mountains.


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