Wednesday 2 September 2015

JDMG: Street Rumble, Take Two (2015-05-27/2015-06-16), Part 3

It has been a while since we played this game, and again and again I have been forgetting to get this AAR written up.

The Street Girls swarmed the central structures.

Chico managed to down one of the opponents!

Then Groucho bit the dust.

Seeing his boss go down, Chico had to take a morale test, which he, foolishly, passed.

Harpo was hopelessly outgunned. Some weapons in this system are not worth their points, in my opinion.

Chico kept moving, trying to avoid being caught in cross-fire.

All the while, thins looked bleak for Harpo.

Climbing all over the industrial tower, he tried to get a shot in...

...but did not stand a chance against the superior firepower he was facing.

As the Ape gang was now reduced to under 50%, Chico had to make another morale test. Being a stubborn li'l bugger, he chose to fight on.

Trying to make the most of the ruined building, he enganged in a heavy firefight with the female gangers closing in on him from all sides.

He managed to take down one of them, but succumbed to heavy cross-fire, which was stastitically the most probable outcome, anyway.

All in all an enjoyable game.

The house rules havbe proven themselves to make for a more cinematic game with lots of movement and wild firing away.

We did, however make a few adjustments, so the final version of the house rules are this:

Move and shoot:
A model may combine any movement action with shooting. If it is the model's first movement action this activation, it shoots at -1. If it is the model's second movement action this activation, it shoots at -2.

Movement Agility Bonus:
If a model makes at least one FULL movement during its activation, it gets a +1 bonus to Agility versus shooting only until its next activation.


  1. Silly, silly Chico :-) . Sounds like he never really had a chance!

  2. Nah, the Apes squared off against a gang that was both more numerous, and had played and won a previous game, thus had grown beyond starting strength. They must have earned some Creds though, but I have had my mind on other things, lately, so did not get the post-game stuf done, yet.