Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Last West Wind Brotherhood Minis - For Now...

I got the last 2 Brotherhood minis cleaned up and  glued onto 20mm steel washers today.

I am going to clean up the 8 Killer Scarecrows I have, too, before adding filler to the bases on all 21 models (13 Brotherhood and 8 Scarecrows). As soon as I have finished cleaning up the Scarecrows, I am going to order some minis from Crooked Dice, as they have a deal of 4 'Corn Dolls' that will bring up my Scarecrows to a total of 12 - the number probably needed for using them as a unit in Dragon Rampant, and, if adding some command models, enough for a God of Battles unit, too.

In addition, they have a couple of NOT Doctor Who minis I want to add to my collection, and with Warlord Games bringing out their new licensed Doctor Who Miniatures Game, I'd better get them before they are being C&D'd.

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