Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Preparing for Frostgrave

After ordering quite a bit of ruins from Ziterdes this weekend, today I dug into an old figure case to see what I could commandeer for Frostgrave - and behold: Lots of old role-playing minis from Citadel and Metal Magic!

They will all be re-based, and then I'll go about finding apprentices for some of the wizards (until I find those, I may use some of the thief minis for this purpose).

Ideally, I shall have 3 or 4 warbands ready before Attic Attack, but only time will tell if I can get them done in time.

For now, let's just say, I have plenty of stuff to work on, even without breaking out the official minis, but I also have to paint some treasure tokens, so that the warbands have some loot to carry away.

As I also want to finish the last skeleton unit for God of Battles in time for Arttic Attack, I think I shall have to work on a rather strict schedule - but I am often most effective when given a deadline, so I hope to be able to get everything ready.

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