Monday 20 July 2015

Frostgrave Arrived!

Ulolkish/Duregar and I bought a level 5 and a level 1 Frostgrave Nickstarter deal, and because of  my family vacation in Italy, I asked North Star to delay sending the stuff.

It arrived today, and I am already reading through the rules, hoping to be able to start making a warband later this week.

I have a Skeleton Horde unit to finish for God of Battles, before I delve into the frozen city, but it is well underways, so I should finish it before Friday - if nothing goes awry, that is!

I am slowly getting back into 'normal mode' after having spent 15 days away from home and country, and getting accustomed to the somewhat unstable Danish summer after experiencing almost tropical conditions on our way through Europe, and although I miss the hot days of Italy, the somewhat cooler weather here IS more forgiving to the hobbyist, so I can actaully get something done, instead of just siesta-ing the day away.

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