Thursday, 3 July 2014

Oldhammer Skellies -> GoB28 Lords of Undeath

I think I've already somewhat spilled the beans about my plans for doing a Lords of Undeath army for God of Battles.

About 18 years ago or so I bought a second hand Warhammer Undead only rudimentarily painted army, mainly consisting of plastic skeletons (Skeleton Horde and the likes), and I also at some point bought the Skeleton Horde box myself, of which I only assembled and painted a score or so.

Now, finally, it's time for the risen to march forth in splendour!

I have been thinking about getting a force ready for the table for quite some time, but GoB is going to be the spark that kindles the Secret Fire in me.

All the finished, partly finished, primed, and naked assembled minis are based on square slottas.

I simply loathe square slottas. Period!

I have been contemplating rebasing them onto round slottas, but doing this without ruining the paintjobs on the finished ones is hardly possible, so I have been endlessly postponing this task.

Then it struck me just today:

With my Dremel, I can cut out a part of the square slotta around the feet of the mini. Then I can use that part as if it was an integral base to glue the mini to a steel washer - thus solving the magnet/storage problem with the same stroke!

My initial 24 points quick-play force will be a fast forward advance guard/scouting force consisting of 4 Ghoul units, and one Undead Knight unit.

I have some painted Oldhammer Wights that may see service as Blacksouls and/or unit leaders as the army comes together, and for the Ghoul units, being made up of Mantic Zombies, will be led by Oldhammer Ghouls.

As soon as I have finished the third batch of 10 Mantic Zeds, I must get some boards ready for Warhammer: Apocalypse Z, and then I'll finish painting a partly done Ghoul to use as leader of the 4th unit (then being able to field 4 units of 7 zombies + 1 ghoul each). I already have 3 or 4 painted Skeleton Riders for the Knight unit, so it should be a matter of mere days to get the last unit ready!

I have 2 LotR quick-play forces standing ready on an elaborate table in the attic, just awaiting the Camp and Baggage Train elements, for which I started making bases of hard fibre board (masonite) yesterday.

Things are moving at the moment, I just hope I can keep up the momentum!

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