Saturday, 5 July 2014

Mighty Empires Multi-System Campaign

I am toying with the idea of starting up an ongoing multi-player Mighty Empires campaign with an un-traditional approach:

In ME each 'Banner' represents up to 1500 points of troops - traditionally chosen from a Warhammer army.

Instead of having 'Banners' represent a set number of points within a set games system, I plan to use the ME points system to show RELATIVE strenghts of armies clashing in battle. The exact compotion and strength of the fighting forces will be worked out by the players involved - AND with whatever scale of minis and game system they prefer (and can agree on). If the players can't agree on a scale and/or ruleset to use, the abstract ME battle rules will instead be used to resolve the conflict.

Let's say, a 500 points Banner and a 1500 points Banner meet up on a contested tile; the ratio between the armies must be 1:3, but the actual forces could be anything between small skirmishing warbands up to vast armies of thousands of 6mm or 2mm miniatures, as long as both players can field an appropriate force of the same scale.

I own about 6 sets of 1st Ed,. and it should be possible to construct a fairly interesting board from the many cardboard tiles.

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