Thursday 10 July 2014

Danehof 2014 - Medieval Market in Nyborg

Last sunday, we took a trip to Denmarks old capital, Nyborg (Newcastle) where the annual Danehof (Court of the Danes) was held according to tradition.

Here's a couple of pics I took:

"I'll take the High Road..." Anna climbing the path up the old rampart surrounding Nyborg Castle

The family enjoying sausage and cheese from 'Kongens Fadebur' (the King's Pantry).
Note the ingenuity of the horn-holder.

The Tourney. very bad form.

A view of the decorations, and the Cathedral.

Lea i looking out for something to shoot with her new bow.

A view across the moat.

Anna has spotted something at the stall!

A real princess has serfs to carry her loot...

We had supper in the yard that evening.
The hat was the only thing I bought for myself - it should come in handy when I attend medieval events in full attire!

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