Wednesday, 2 July 2014

More Zombies.

Finished this second batch today. Bases are awful - the highlighting colour is too thinned down to use for a proper drybrush, so I may apply a Devlan Mud wash to get some definition back into the texture.

The blood looks a bit too much like wet red paint in this picture - not quite so much IRL.

The shamblers will - like everything else I do these days - serve multiple purposes; Pike & Shot AND Zombies. Dead walk Again, Ghouls for GoB28, zombies/ghouls/cannibals for WWWII, CROM!, Pulp Alley, Strange Aeons, and Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten, etc.


  1. I use a quite dark red paint for blood. Also I apply it quite sparingly (and put a few drips on the ground as well). It's a matter of taste, though: some people prefer lots and lots of gore!

    1. I'm still experimeting with Tamiya Clear Red. My current method is to first paint the area to be covered in blood with a dark red, then highlight this with a lighter red before applying the Clear Red, leaving some of the matt paint at some of the edges to represent dryed up blood.I have seen some mix some black into the Clear Red, and I might try that out on a later occation.
      In a perfect world, I would paint every mini with 3-5 layers of every colour, but these are quick-paints, just meant to crowd the table. :o)