Thursday, 17 July 2014

Almost Z for PSZ...

Another batch (the last for now) of 10 Mantic shamblers for various purposes. Among other things, I'll use them for Ghouls (4 units) in my Lords of Undeath GoB28 army, as soon as I have painted my fourth long OOP, rare, etc., etc., Citadel Ghoul to use as the leader of the fourth unit.

The blood is much better on these than on the previous batch, I think. This time, TCR was layered over Vallejo Black Red + Black highlighted with Scab Red.

And a family photo:

I now just have to finish my boards (need paint), break out my old Mordheim cardboard buildings, and flesh out a couple of survivors, then we're Z to go!

Oh, and I need to make a template for randomized shambler movement, as I don't like the rule about moving in the direction the dice landed. No dice-rolling on my carefully textured and painted gaming boards - no, thank you, Sir!

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