Sunday, 13 October 2013

Star Wars: X-Wing: Quick Start Rules AAR, Episode II


The Academy Pilot (AP), makes a Speed 3 (I think - that pic is really blurred) bank left to close in on the X-Wing, which in turn makes a Speed 3 bank left, too, to avoid getting in the crosshairs of both Ties.

I must have forgotten to take some shots, here, but the Obsidian Squadron Pilot (OSP) seems have taken a Speed 3 bank right, then fired at the X-Wing.

The dice again cancelled each other out, and the turn ended without any damage done.




The AP, thinking that the rebel pilot is trying to circle his wingman, makes a Speed 3 turn left to cut the enemy off.

The Rookie Pilot (RP) makes a Speed 3 turn left, tailed by the OSP who fires another salvo at the rear of the X-Wing at Range 2.

The Imperial Player rolls 1 Critical, 1 Focus, countered with 2 Blanks by the Rebel. The X-Wing takes 1 Damage.

End of turn 7.


The AP makes a Speed 3 bank right, and is faced by the RP making a Speed 2 turn left, while the OSP looses the advantage by making a Speed 3 bank left, letting the X-Wing off the hook.

The RP (Skill 2) fires first at the AP at Range 2, both pilots rolling 3 dice. The RP rolls 1 Hit, 2 Focus, while the AP rolls 1 Evade (cancelling out the hit), 1 Blank, 1 Focus.

Unharmed, the AP fires back, rolling 1 Critical, 1 Focus, and the RP 1 Evade, 1 Blank - and again, no harm is done.

End of turn 8.


The AP makes a Speed 4 Koiogran Turn, while the RP tries to avoid being caught in cross-fire by flying Speed 4 straight.

 The OSP makes a narrow Speed 2 turn left, and again catches the W-Wing in his crosshairs at Range 2, rolling 1 Hit, 1 Focus, which is countered by 1 Evade, 1 Blank.

The AP also gets to try his skill at shooting, Range 2. He rolls 1 Hit, 1 Blank, which is countered (and cancelled) by the RP's 1 Evade, 1 Blank.

End of turn 9.


I have played a couple of games since this one, and it's NOT common to make this little damage i n so many turns. This was a solo game played by me, though, and I always roll strange results, it seems.



The AP makes a Speed 2 bank right, while the X-Wing ducks and weaves with a Speed 2 turn left, folowed by the OSP with a Speed 3 bank left.


The OSP could not move far enough to clear the base of the AP; when this happens, the moving ship must be moved back along the ruler and placed in touch with the blocking base in a way so that the ruler lies between the tabs at both ends of the moving ship's base.

The OSP fires at Range 2, rolling 1 Hit, 1 Focus, again countered by 1 Evade, 1 Focus.

The AP also fires at Range 2, rolling 2 Hits. This time, the RP again rolls 1 Evade, 1 Blank, only cancelling out 1 Hit. The X-Wing takes another point of damage!

This concludes Episode II. To be Continued...

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