Thursday 10 October 2013

2013-10-10, Work in Progress

Well, as I stated elsewhere, I haven't been idle the last couple of weeks - I just haven't had time to update.

I had to fix this guy's base (he is a Superfig Brick, but I use him as a bad guy for pulp games) because the neodyne magnet under the base had come loose; I use super magnets under slottas to make them stick to the magnetic A4-sheets I put at the bottom of printer paper boxes for miniature storage. All minis with integral bases (and a lot of small terrain features) I now base on steel washers, so the magnetic sheet solution seems the most practical.

For the same reason, I just started rebasng these Pulp Figures brits (I used them to get started playing Pulp Alley) that were formerly - unnecessarily - based on slottas:

The captain's cane also needs repairing a bit, thus the matt black enamel on the tip.

When playing our first game of Pulp Alley, we realized that miscellaneous civillians are needed for the Plot Points, and I have decided, that every time we roll up a type of mini I don't already have painted, I'll rush such a figure to the front of  the painting queue.

This time, the figure in question was a 'Clever Child' - and what better way of solving this than painting up this Pulp Figure from the set 'Stalwart Companions' as Short Round from The Temple of Doom?

Shown here with cleaned mold lines, and based on a steel washer with some filler to smooth out the shape of the integral base.

Some (long) time ago, I got six OOP Dungers from Curtis at Ramshackle Games for free to give to my eldest daughter who wanted her own herd for Dunger Derby. I finally got my act together this week and got them cleaned a bit and glued to washers:

I have to rinse them in soap water before priming  for Anna to paint them herself. I shall try introducing her to the layering technique of progressively lighter shades.

Speaking of Dunger Derby, I think it may be about time we play it - I just dusted my desert board off for last sunday's game of Pulp Alley, so it's just a question of putting my painted Dungers and the varios markes on it.

For my Pike & Shot and Zombies: Warhammer Apocalypse Z project - AND for the 'Medieval Painting Order' at the Lead Adventur Forum, I painted these two:

A 3rd Ed. Warhammer Bretonnian archer, and a 6th Ed. plastic Empire sprearman.

I am stil re-learning my techniques  after a long hiatus, so I'm not completely satisfied with the results, but they'll have to do. Every mini takes me ages to paint, partly because I paint painstakingly slowly, partly because I rarely have more than ½ hr to sit down at get something done.

I'm also painting up another Archer, here shown as WIP.

I have 8 of these old Perry sculpts, and I intend to paint them (over time) as belonging to the same retinue, and then maybe get me a few more, or maybe get some 5th Ed. plastics to supplement them.

Finally, I have been rebasing these Copplestone sculpts (I'm not sure whether they are from Mark Copplestones own series, or from Grenadier/eM4) that I bought a couple of years ago. I simply painted and modelled the bases to fit with my other models:

 As you can see, I do try to get a few things done, and as I'm at home, today nursing my youngest daughter who's got a sore throat, I thought I could Work a bit on this, sorely neglected, blog.

I have started writing up the promesed X-Wing AAR, too, but it tales a while to do.

Stay tuned for a couple of additional posts later today!

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