Sunday, 13 October 2013

Star Wars: X-Wing: Big Ships.

I played a game with my daughters Friday, as we were at home because they had come down with a fever, but were better in the afternoon.

My youngest offspring (7) played Han Solo in the Millennium Falcon, while my eldest girl took control over the Delta Wing Shuttle piloted by Captain  Kagi, and I escorted her as Mauler Mithel with Determination (the only upgrade we used).

I did not take any pictures of the game, but here's my impressions:

The Millennnium Falcon is a killer! Its ability to fire all around (turret) makes it impossible to out-maneuver, and a single Tie-Fighter is not capable of posing a real threat to it. Remenber the scenefrom A New Hope, when the Millenium Falcon arrives to Alderaan (or should have).

The Shuttle is best suited for special scenarios, I think. It has some staying power with Hull 5 and Shield 5, but with only Defense 1, this is also needed!

We didn't finish the game, as my wife came home and took the girls to shop for riding gloves, but I had already been shot to pieces, and the Shuttle had taken one Critical Hit, while the Falcon still had 2 shileds up. Only a matter of time, methinks.

I think the Falcon is underpriced, points-wise, but if you want to recapture the feel from the original trilogy, it's perfect. I am sure you could throw several squadrons of Tie-Fighters at it, and it would still be able to fight its way through.

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