Thursday, 17 October 2013

A Little Pulpishness...

Have been rummaging through my many boxes of minis this evening in search for The Crimson Scorpion and The Creeping Claw (Pulp Figures) to paint as characters for Pulp Alley and Starnge Aeons. I found them - AND the boy zombie from Zombiesmith that I thought I lost before moving to our house 3 years ago!

I'm just about finishing a Bretonnian archer for Pike & Shot AND Zombies (and the Medieval Painting Order at the LAF), and the next couple of weeks I shall be focusing on 1: A half-painted Evil Hooded Minion, 2: Short Round, 3: The Crimson Scorpion (to use as leader for my Evil Hooded Minions), and 4: The Crimson Claw (either a leader by himself, maybe even a Terror (super villain), or a sidekick for The Crimson Scorpion. On the side I have some more minis to re-base onto washers, so I'll be awfully busy.

When they are done, hopefully I have got the zombies for PSZ, and am about getting them ready for some primer.

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