Monday, 26 September 2011

In the Emperor's Name: Testing

Upcoming Wednesday, my Dark Angels will be duking it out with some deviant Space Wolves at my club in Svendborg. I have managed to make a 199 pts retinue for a test run of the game, so if real life does not jinx my plans, I should get to roll some dice.

The rules is a free stand-alone skirmish system based in the 40K universe, but not to any extent on the rules from GW. No rules for heavy vehicles and/or weaponry, the ruleset is aimed at small commando-raid/black-op style fights, and a standard retinue typically fields only a handful of miniatures. There is, however, rules for experience, and/or suggestions for fielding larger forces.

I am planning to do an Eldar Craftworld Retinue, and a Genestealer Cult in addition to my Firstborn, but I guess, some time will pass before I can field any of those, as a huge zombie horde is heading in my direction as we speak, and it will keep me busy for at least the rest of this autumn.

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