Friday, 23 September 2011

Warpath: Orx/Marauders Project

I have been working on getting a large bunch of W40K 2nd Ed. plastic Orks ready for a quick-and-dirty paintjob to try out Warpath from Mantic Games.

Warpath is perhaps not the greatest ruleset out there, but it looks like it can be played very fast, which is a BIG plus in my book - all too often I have given up following a club game of W40K, because virtually no progress happened over a very long time, (most often because the players argued over some obscure special rule), and it is also a very simple set of rules, another BIG advantage over the insanely complicated/detailed rules from GW.

I used to like detailed rules, but as I'm maturing as a gamer, I tend to prefer fast-paced, simple games, where the process is not an obstacle for reaching the results, even ones with only a handful of miniatures on each side, but I have my mind set on trying out Warpath, as it seems I can easily play the game against owners of  W40K armies, because some of the races are equivalents of W40K-races, or can be proxied using 40K-minis.

Recently I purchased another fairly large lot of the same kind of Orks and Gretchin (yes, I'm FAR behind updating my painting tally!), and those will be added to the Marauders force, I'm slowly working towards fielding...

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