Tuesday 4 October 2011

In the Emperor's Name: The Chaos Tablet

I am starting a narrative campaign at my club (Skjold in Svendborg) that I'm going to orchestrate through the club forum.

I played a game last Wednesday, and as expected (apart for us having to look up rules a lot of times), the game flowed flawlessly. We played a simple fight, no objectives, just a merry shoot-out, which I lost spectacularly by rarely rolling above 3+ for my grit-tests. I bigger games and over time, this should even out, but I'm not convinced...

We're having another test-run tomorrow, probably with multiple retinues on the same table with a simple objective.

I am doing a Roll Call at the forum atm, trying to assemble 4-6 WQ40K players for starters.

There will be an 'official' bulletin at the forum for everybody to read and follow, while I'm going to secretly brief every single player thorugh PMs and/or emails while telling them, whom to set up a game against; sometimes we'll even arrange a full scale battle of W40K to determine the couse of the story, and I'll listen for results of non-campaign games and sometimes incorporate them in the events.

More later.

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