Friday, 23 September 2011

Back on the horse!

Been a while since my last update. Last couple of weekends I was away doing 'extras'-duty for my club at something called 'Bardatræf' (Barda-Gathering) in Svendborg and Haderslev - a LARP-event for kids arranged by Danish television (DR) and the people arranging the Roskilde Festival. More about this will appear somewhere on this blog.

At the same time I have had ABSOLUTELY no energy for anything but collapsing on the couch with a book or the TV on the last couple of weeks; I'm suffering from a light medical winter depression, probably induced by the absolutely AWFUL summer here in Denmark this year (normally, I don't feel this down until the start of January or even later, but we haven't had nearly the amount as normal of sun-hours this year, and it has been 31 years since we had this much rain).

But I have now finally received my bases for my Basic Impetus project (the first parcel from Fenris apparently  was lost in the mail, but the nice guys immediately send my order anew, and it arrived at my post office 2 days ago), and I have a horde of plastic zombies shambling my way, so I better get my act together and dig in again...

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