Sunday 27 November 2022

2018-07-10, Vacation 2018 - Day 1; Part 2: The Camping Site

 We found the Camping 'am Leuchtturm' (at the Lighthouse) about five km. from the ferry. Very nice!

It seems to be under reorganization, or something, but not closed, and you can find it HERE.

This was our first night away from home with the 'new' trailer - quite memorable!

The site has its own small lake with tent sites along the banks.

Nice playground, too!

And the reason for the camp site's name.

A small anecdote: We gave some salt to a Swedish family neighboring our camp as they asked for a bit for their cooking; Marianne thought it better to give them a small bag so they would have enough for the following breakfast and lunch. if they should not be able to find a grocery store right away.

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