Sunday, 27 November 2022

2018-07-10, Vacation 2018 - Day 1; Part 1: On the Road Again, and Crossing the Elbe!

 As mentioned, we purchasecd a larger camping traiker in the autumn of 2017, as we felt that the trusty 1963 Eccles was getting too claustrophobic for a family of four (and kids getting bigger every day).

So, in 2018 we set course for France with our 1989 CI Wilk de Luxe.

There were reports of heavy traffic queing around Hamburg, due to road maintenance works both in and around the Elbe Tunnel, so we decided from home to avoid Hamburg and cross the Elbe by ferry at Glückstadt, approximately 30 km. north-west of the city.

It is one of those crossings where the ferries are pendling back and forth all the time, and you cannot book in advance - it's first come, first served, so spent about an hour in the queue, Woth it though, compared to sitting at least as long in stop-and-go queues on the motorway without the possiblilty of getting out and enjoy the weather.

The view is better at Glückstadt, too!

It was quite late in the afternoon when we arrived on the south bank of the Elbe, so we set about finding a camping site for the night.

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