Wednesday 10 June 2020

2017-07-06, Vacation 2017, Day 3: Astrid Lindgren's World, Part 2

A miniature version of the three farms in 'The Children of Noisy Village'/'Cherry Time at Bullerby':

Some characters from 'Ronia the Robber's Daughter'

- Which leads directly to the next post where we descend deep into the dark forests of medieval Sweden.


  1. Cool, yeah first time I heard of "Ronia", was a few years ago on amazon prime. Watched a episode with my nieces…. And wound up watching the rest myself. HA!

    1. Ronia is quite a nice little story, kind of makes you wish Lindgren had written more stuff set in that distant age.

  2. It does, if I ever have any kids. I will read them that story.