Saturday, 29 December 2018

2018-12-20: Mantic's The Walking Dead, Prelude to Woodbury, Scenario 2, Part 3

On the second day of playing this scenario I still had not been made aware of my error regarding the double movements, so please bear with me.

The first picture shows the state of affairs at the beginning of the next turn, after the Walker at the top of the pic bounced into the car.

Brian, feeling that he was well clear of the shamblers. decided to try popping the bimbo before moving around the barricade for the Supply Counter, but, alas, missed by an inch.

The shot, causing Mayhem, shifted up the Threat Level by 1, and also drew the attention of all Walkers withing 10".

Brian decided caution was the better part of valor, and sneaked away from the barricade, getting well beyond the Kill Zones of the nearest Walkers.

As Brian being the only survivor, and having Medium Nerve, no Survivors were eligible to make Noise, and instead the Threat Level rose by one.

Brain kept running, putting the pickup between himself and the Walkers (I need to dig out my die-casts to use instead of these markers!), and for some reason I moved both the Walkers within 10" towards him (I sincerely do not know what I thought, here)

I think I then made an illegal sneak move

 No prone Walkers, so the Threat Level rose by one, to Medium Threat.

Then, sadly, I made another illegal double sneak...

 The Event Card moved one eligible Walker towards Brian (and I still don't think that I had to pick one within 10" of him).

That's it for today, as my head aches as heck, and I need painkillers and some sleep!

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