Saturday, 22 December 2018

2018-12-19: Mantic's The Walking Dead, Prelude to Woodbury, Scenario 2, Part 1

With the first game wrapped up, I set up the larger (15"x15") mat for Scenario 2.

In this one, Brian starts equipped by a pistol, and has to collect five Supply Counters, while four walkers are placed from the start.

It has been brought to my attention, that I have probably made a mistake, letting Brian Sneak twice per Action Phase (I do not have the rules at hand right now) - I also did this during some of the turns I have already played of Scenario 2, but if it is an error, and as I have not yet finished the scenario (I had no time for gaming today), I shall correct his behavior for the rest of the game.

Hopefully, when I have finished the third scenario, I shall have all the rules firmly in grasp, so that my second run-through in full-rules mode will be without slips.

So, Brian again started sneaking (twice) to get to the pick-up and loot whatever was to be found on the back of it.

Well beyond any Kill Zones, Brian triggered no walker attacks, and the Game AI promptly responded to this.

+1 Threat before resolving the Event Card, then another +1 for 'All Quiet'.

Brian searched the pick-up, and found an Old Gun (which, again, is Unreliable, a keyword not explained by the Prelude to Woodbury rules).

I think I may have either forgotten to take some pics, here, or skipped some steps, because the next couple of pictures show Brian sneaking round the back of the pick-up and then shooting at the nearest walker. If this was caused by a glitch in uploading photos to Blogger, I shall edit this part of the post tomorrow.

He does damage, and scores a head-shot, which removes the walker form play.

Scoring a head-shot with a ranged weapon triggers an ammo test (rolling the black die), but Brian did not run out of bullets this time!

Using a firearm causes Mayhem, which makes all standing unengaged walkers within 10" move towards the sound, AND raises the Threat Level by 1.

The walkers always move in a straight line, and stop if they come into contact with scenery (unless they are already in contact with a piece of scenery, in which case they move the shortest route around it.

The butcher did not get near enough to attack Brina in the Event Phase, though.

The Event Card told me to move one eligible (which means, standing, unengaged, and within 10") Walker toward the nearest Survivor.

The butcher shambled around the pick-up to close in on our anti-hero.

There was no further effects this turn, and this is all I can manage to write up this night. There will be more tomorrow night, but now I have to rest a couple of hours!

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