Monday, 15 October 2018

3D Printed: A Bunch of Star Wars Containers

I have quite a collection of 'Medium Cargo Containers' by now - and I also printed some Kyber Crystal Containers, to have something to use as portable objectives.

When I leave work Monday morning, I have 1½ week off, until Wednesday night in week 43, so I expect to get my second batch of jungle bases moving and finished, so that I can use the dinner table for some gaming (and dining, og course); it has been occupied by spread newspapers and boxes for far too long.


  1. Hmm, those look nice. I think they would look fantastic when painted :-) .

    1. Yes, but my first priority when it comes to painting some Star Wars stuff is to get some minis ready for the table. I kind of hope our Indian Summer ends soonish, so that I can justify turning my attention to indoor activities...