Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Star Wars X-Wing: Small Game

Lea and I started a small game of X-Wing late yesterday afternoon.

I unpacked my Z-95 Headhunter, and matched it up against a TIE. No upgrades, just plain pilot cards.

None of these have much staying power, and the game was merely to brush up on the rules, as it has been far too long, since I last pulled some fighters out.

One of the beauties of X-Wing is the simplicity of the rules - we quickly found the game rhythm, and started trying to outsmart each other.

Lea (Rebel) got the first opportunity for shooting, but the TIE again and again proved too nimble.

In the end, it got personal, and this head-on confront..ation resulted in the Headhunter being blown to stardust. Tomorrow, we shall probably have a game with more durable fighters, and perhaps a few upgrades.

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