Monday, 6 February 2017

Christmas Wars: The Mystery Machine

I did not get around to painting a mini for the Chrismas Wars project in January (although my skeletons and Vikings can probably be used for it), but I accidentally got myself a Mystery Machine for the Scooby gang!

I got it in exchange for making a donation to a charity of my own choice, and I made one to Danmarksindsamlingen Saturday evening, this year aimed at helping starving/malnutritioned children in third world countries.

As you can see, it will require some filler, and I shall have to cut a piece of clear acrylic for the windshield.

I may opt to use this for the post-apocalyptic version, adding some wire mesh to the windows, and perhaps some additional defensive bits and bobs,


  1. Wow - I didn't know that this kit was available. Who makes it, please?

    1. Nobody, I'm afraid. It was a custom job of only 3 pieces, of which I now have 1, and the original orderer of the model has 2 - and according to him, he does not have all parts for the 3rd one.

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