Thursday 2 February 2017

Celebratiing Midwinter

La Chandeleur, Candlemass, or as we say in Denmark Kyndelmisse or Kjørmes. One of my Facebook friends posted about the French tradition of eating crêpes on La Chandeleur, and I was planning to whip up some batter and bake some for dessert - but then I somehow came across an article about the tradition here on Funen - Eating heavy pancakes with æbleflæsk ('applebacon' is the best word I can think of).

A sucker for history and old traditions, of course I had to find a recipe and serve this dish for my family!

Thus, today's menu was pumpkin soup with creme fraiche, and kjørmespandekager med æbleflæsk.

Anna took over baking the pancakes, so I had plenty time to take a couple of photos, and see to the 'applebacon'.

I really like this dish - the pancake batter contains cinnamon, which complements the apples, and the acid and lard of the 'applebacon' balance each other nicely.

It is a heavy dish, though, better not served on a hot day - but on a winter's evening like today: Great!

If I had had a nice cold dark beer, it would have topped up the experience, but I shall just have to remember that for the next time!

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