Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Dark Ages: Last Two Warriors for Fourth SAGA Point Completed

Finally, I can start focusing on the Hearthguards for my six-points SAGA warband.

I am not sure that I shall get started painting them tomorrow, as I have to do my household accounting for February, and the minis are currently in the sandbox, glue drying on the bases.

Never the less, I am happy to have completed the Warriors needed for now (I still have unassembled minis to tend to later), and that I only need to paint eight more models to have a full warband's worth of Vikings.

Again today, I could not get the clear protective film off the sticky side of the LBMS transfer, and again I fixed the issue using my wife's hairdryer to heat up the transfer. I have a godd feeling about that method! And, today, I even remembered to put the hairdryer back in the bathroom, to avoid getting me in trouble ­čśë

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