Friday, 14 August 2015

Frostgrave: My Thoughts so Far...

Well, I've not played any further games than the test game almost two weeks ago, but I have been following what other people have been writing/discussing about it, and my current opinion is:

  • I really like the scope of the game. The whole idea of fighting for treasure/knowledge against other wizards and their warbands has a nice old-school dungeoneering vibe to it.
  • The magic system seems well thought off
  • I absolutely loathe the combat/damage system. It is, in my opinion, FAR too random with 2 d20 rolling off against each other, highest roll wins and also determine damage done (if any).
I am thinking about making another system for fighting, but it will also affect some of the spells, and I'm not sure that I can come up with something that doesn't disrupt the use of magic.

I do feel though, that instead of the opposed roll, the attacker should roll against a fixed target based on his own Fight and the defenders Fight (and maybe Armour, unless the Armour becomes a number for the defender to roll under to save a hit), and that the Health stat could be changed to 1 Hit Point per 5 current Health. If the attacker meets his target roll, he does 1 HP of damage, 2 on a Critical. If the defender is still around, he gets to attack right back.

We'll see. This weekend is Attic Attack III, and I should be able to dicuss the matter with some of the participants.

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