Monday, 3 August 2015

Frostgrave: The Crusaders - Part 3

I assembled my 'knight' - which is going to be painted up as a Templar Serjeant - and had second thoughts about the 'templar' model, for which I decide to use an uncowled head instead.

This negates the need for using putty, and I wonder if the cowled heads are, in fact, meant to go with the plain cloaks/capes of the Fireforge Templar Infantry set...

Well, if my angry monks do not show up tomorrow, I shall be taking filler to the bases of these (after trimming some intergral bases a bit),

After noon, Ulolkish is bringing a mock-up warband to play my mock-up Necromancer warband in our first test game, so stay tuned for a game report and some afterthoughts one of the next days!

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