Saturday, 1 August 2015

Frostgrave: The Crusaders - Part 2

I have been doing stuff outside today, as the temperatures rose over 17 degrees Celsius, and no rain was in sight (rare occasion this summer), but I found time to put the last piece (the head) on a Fireforge Templar, dig out my old Citadel 'not Friar Tuck', and rebase him on a steel washer.

Templar, Man-at-Arms, and Apothecary for my upcoming Thaumaturge warband.

The Templar needs some putty-work around the hood (and trimming of the integral base), but otherwise I am quite pleased with this collection of henchmen.

Funny detail: The merry Friar was originally (20 years ago?) intended as an Apothecary for my Blood Bowl team 'The Oakhill Rangers', but never got painted before the Blood Bowl craze at out local club in Svendborg waned, but I remembered him, and now could get him out and back on his career track.

Next up is a Fireforge Templar sarjeant, that I am going to use for the 'Knight' soldier archetype. I expect to do most of the work on him tomorrow, and then I expect the West Wind Brotherhood minis to arrive in a couple of days, so I can probably get these ready for primer in the meantime.

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