Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Another Skeleton Horde, Part 2

Well, yesterday's disappointment with Frostgrave at least spurred me on to turn my attention elsewhere, and, behold, there was my second Skeleton Horde sitting on my pain(t) station, awaiting further treatment!

I started out giving all the models a wash of Devlan Mud (which will soon be running dry), to make the previously painted skellies blend in with the recently primed ones.

Had to leave them to dry for a bit, before I could move on to glueing sand on the bases of all the 'new' models.

They will have to sit in the sandboxes until tomorrow afternoon, when I get up from sleeping after a night watch.

Finally, I painted the bases of the 'old' models with Warzone Trench Brown, and I shall do the same with the rest tomorrow, if I do not get up too late for anythng but a quick run and cooking dinner for my family.

My stock of these ancient GW models is running low, now, and I am in the market for more, as I shall need several more Skeleton Hordes to flesh(?) out a proper battle line.

Well, hopefully someone out there is skipping their old undead army because of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and I shall be able to snatch up some reinforcements!

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