Monday, 8 September 2014

Attic Attack II Has Passed...

And some great games were played. Well, mostly God of Battles, as it is our new 'golden egg'.

Piccies of 2 GoB battles, and 1 DreadBall game:

Preparing for battle:

@Duregar brought his newly painted 24 pts quick-play LotR force to meet my corresponding Lords of Undeath Fast Skirmish company, which was commanded by Tobias.

Set-up in progress:

The two armies face off. Note the 'tunnelling' markers.

Both captains advance.

The tunnellers close on the evil lines.

The ghouls are lurking everywhere...

To advance, or not to advance, that is the question...

Well, guess not... yet... or maybe I switched this and the next pic...

The hungry ghouls charge into the dwarves with a blood cuddling howl.

Lots of fighting break out, and the tunnelers surface to join the fray.

For once, the dwarves find themselves between the hammer and the anvil:

After a lot of bloodshed, the dwarven army reaches its break point, and their captain orders the retreat. Another chapter added to the Book of Grudges!

 I played a game of DreadBall against Tobias.

The Corporation Team under my guidance beat the Marauders 5 up.

I only took 2 pics of this, as I was too busy outwitting my opponent (and swearing about my dice rolls), but a spectacular play by two Strikers, resulting in a 4-pointer. secured the outcome of the match.

Saturday night we talked a lot about the possibility of organizing a DreadBall league, and also about trying to get some Warhammer and LotR:SBG players to try out God of Battles, as the game is so easy to use for proxy armies.

Some mead, soda, and beer was consumed, and we called it a day in high spirits.

Sunday was a bit of a dull day, as no-one was able to attend the event until late afternoon.

@Duregar and Tobias played their second God of Battles game, this time the dwarves took on a force composed of my Minias Tirith/Gondor, and Rohan minis.

It was a real shame that we didn't have more players attending, as we could easily have had 5 games going on at any one time, so I hope to attract more participants for the next event - which may be a 1-day fall/winter affair - watch these pages for further information. I just have to get a stove installed in the garage attic, then cooler weather should not influence the possibility of using the games room.

But, I digress, back to the topic at hand:

Some time into the battle, I arrived with my camera (after having supper with my family). Both armies seemed to focus on a narrow pathway through the heavily forrested area:

Same situation from another angle (and without flash):

Awful pic, but it shows both forces advancing along the pathway.

The humans seem to have noticed the sound of picks and shovels.

They really don't like this...

The tunnellers surface and attack the human baggage train.

Which immediately calls for a response!

Awful pic, again, but it shows that the baggage train has been plundered, and that the human archers are seeking revenge for this heinous deed.

Everythin still evolves around the pathway.

Time and again the tunnellers got shot at, were forced to recoil, and still they came on, driving the human archers back.

Until, finally, they were boken and fled the field.

With his camp secured, the Captain of Gondor now focussed on the remaining dwarven units.

Especially a unit of Foot Knights of Dol Amroth seemed unstoppable.

And, unable to beat the overwhelming odds, the dwarves were broken.

We had a blast, and although we weren't many I shall most certainly continue to arrange Attic Attack - and maybe other, similar events. It's not that much work, now that I have most of the physical framework in place, and everything needed to stage several different games at the same time.


  1. It sounds like you had a great weekend! Nice to know you managed it without any noteworthy hitches.

    (I just wish I had an attic that was as attackable as yours... :( That is some great looking terrain.)

    1. I've been collecting, and to some extent building, stuff for about 35 years by now, so my collection has grown over the years. I was just lucky to be able to buy a house with this large garage 4 years ago, really. Of course, it also took some effort to make the attic usable - and the chimney, and hopefully a staircase, will set me back more than a few quid - but given time, the 'man-cave' could become a very nice gaming parlour, with a permanent terrain building table (with a table-mounted hot wire cutter), and, hopefully, also a permanent Mighty Empires table for ongoing multi-system campaigning.