Friday, 26 September 2014

All Quiet on the Mordor Front!

Yes, indeed - I'm making very slow progress at the moment.

Last weekend I purchased 2 firewood stoves - one for Argonor's Attic, and one for our living room, as the old one has been overdue for replacement since before we moved here...

One of the stoves I had to pick up Monday afternoon, as the store salespeople couldn't locate it at the warehouse.

Tuesday, we went to the opening sale of a new builders' market/DIY store in the neighbouring town of Ringe, to get a trailerload of very cheap wooden briquettes for the strove(s).

Wednesday is horse riding day for my daughters, and I was driving them as usual.

Thursday: Managed to get the rest of the Minas Tirith warriors, plus 2 standard bearers primed - and thus ready for some paint, AND sorting a large number of  2nd hand LotR minis, before having to go to work from 15:00 to 22:30.

Tomorrow, I'll be off at 13:00, so, hopefully, I'll be able to start painting the black-clad Defenders of the West.

Saturday I'm planning to try getting a stove moved up into the garage attic, and Sunday I'll have to pick up a large bunch of firewood I can get very cheaply.

With a little luck, I'll have the unit of Minas Tirith warriors done by the end of the weekend, leaving me time to attend to a unit of Fiefdom Warriors, made from some alreafdy painted Warriors of Númenor I got as part of the large lot of LotR minis I recently purchased 2nd hand, that need some paintwork to look nice.

I've decided to NOT count the 2nd hand minis in my status; I already own a shedload of LotR minis, that have been sitting idle in large cardboard boxes, and the recent purchase is going to kick-off the process of geting some of those painted as well. Besides that, some of the minis are painted, and I can't decide which ones I shall use as is, and which ones need some work.

All in all, I expect a lot of those to get ready for the table quite fast - for my standards - and I really don't want to demoralize myself by totally wrecking my score (for those interested, I think I've got somewhere in the vicinity of 700 minis, counting a Mûmak, and several Trolls).

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