Sunday, 28 September 2014

A Small Conversion Project.

My recent bulk purchase of LotR minis left me with these:

You can't tell from the pic, but the plastic bag contains a metal Cave Troll which is missing its hammerhead.

Now, I already have one Moria plastic Cave troll with a hammer painted - and I have the extra hand with the trident/spear left over from that one, so I'll remove the hand with the hammer,, replace it with the trident one, and use th plastic hammer head for the metal model.

Neat, huh?

I'll need a couple of extra trolls to bolster a Moria Goblin army that I have most of the models for painted, and almost ready to go (some of them need a bit of tidying up, especially on the bases). As @Duregar is readying a Dwarf army, it's only fitting that I field an army of the squatting critters for it to take on!


  1. Sounds very similar to a problem that I have. I obtained a metal cave troll a long while ago who is missing a part of a weapon or something like that (I cannot remember for sure). However I don't have spare plastic pieces with which to fix him, so he'll just have to wait for me to scratch-build something...

    1. I think I have another metal cave troll still in blister - and, as far as I remember, it comes with both hammer and spear, and I am going to bujild it with the spear. If I can find it, and if I remember correctly, you can have the spare hammer.