Saturday, 7 June 2014

Zombies Galore!

Finished basing and 'splattering' these two, which were painted for me by @Duregar. As soon as I have quick-painted all 30 Mantic zeds I've assembled, It is time for a Dead walk Again game using both the modern and the fantasy shamblers.

I also finished these after some experimenting with the base colours. Note that the base are rather small for 28mm figs (18mm and 20mm steel washers), as it enables the zeds to come closer together for that 'horde' look.

They are the first batch finished for my Pike & Shot AND Zombies (PSZ) project, and as mentioned above, they'll also be used for Dead walk Again (DwA).


  1. Nicely done. I don't recognise the 2 models in the first picture - do you know where they come from?

    1. They wer manufactured by Griffin about 5-6 years ago - but he seems to have folded (again). The set was called 'Survivor - The Walking Dead', and contained a handful of survivors and about a dozen zombies (I still have 2 of them primed and unpainted in my zed box). The zombies have some comic-book qualities to them - for instance one of them is a spitting (almost realistic) image of Homer Simpson!