Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Argonor's Attic Staircase

Here's the workshop
Carpenters have left the building - for now. I have another project brooding, though, as I intend to get a staircase built from the garage workshop to the garage attic, to facilitate access to the gaming parlour in the attic!

The ceiling sector to be removed
I have moved stuff away from the corner of the attic where the access point will be made, and I have the day off tomorrow, giving me time to contact the carpenters for a quote.

As soon as a staircase has been erected, and a hatch installed, it will be time to get the old chimney repaired and insulated, so I can put a firewood stove in place beside the bar.

The corner
with the intended access point
If I manage to get that done before the autumn, It may be possible to hold Attic Attack, and other events, during the winter half of the year, too!

I'm looking forward to see if the attic can be heated  by a stove - it has not been insulated, yet, but I hope to find time and money for doing it during the upcoming winter, and next spring/-summer.

A closeup. The trap door will be
installed between the two visible beams.
I'm investing quite some money in this gaming parlour, in the hope that I can attract gamers from all over Denmark for gaming events, and small tournaments. Having a fixed setup, with a number of gaming tables, that is accessible all year, whenever we feel like setting up a game or gathering, may also become the foundation for a formal gaming club!

Next up is getting the Mantic zombie horde ready for Pike & Shot AND Zombies, and making up a good army, and an evil army for GoB28 (I'll be using Isengard, and Gondor/Rohan minis, just like for SAGA).

As mentioned, I have the day off tomorrow, and I expect to get my second batch of 10 zeds all but finished, and maybe basecoat the third batch.

The group games of the World Cup are almost completed, and fewer games per day should also leave me a bit more time away from the screen - in favour of the hobby, hopefully.

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