Tuesday 4 October 2011

In the Emperor's Name: Eldar

I bought these on EvilBay to supplement som Guardians I already have, so I can field a Craftworld Retinue (which I still have to construct).

I am going to use them more or less like they are (except for the unpainted Scout) for now, so they won't figure on my Painting Tally (this is the reason why painted minis count only .75 - sometimes I bring out an old mini and alter it, thus 'finishing' it another time).

They are not fantastic paintjobs, but nice old mins, and I like my Jes Goodwin sculpts!

The cowled Scout will stand in for a Warlock, until I can get my own painted, but right now it's about getting some minis ready for The Chaos Tablet without spending too much time on it!
I really look forward to running the campaign (I always have had a GM inside me), as it will - hopefully - provide some good games in an intrigueing storyline, and will also prepare me for running a LARP campaing for junior-members as of spring 2013 (yes, I plan ahead!).

With any luck, The Chaos Tablet will also be helping to alter the mindset of the wargamers at the club, so they will no longer see GW-rules as the one-and-only answer to wargaming needs.

I shall NOT be following the campaign closely on these pages - I shall have plenty to do at the club forum when it starts, but I may post some pics and a short description of this and that encounter, you'll never know.

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