Tuesday, 4 October 2011

CROM!: Rise of the Mummy King - Part Four

Well. it's been a while since my last post in this series, but now I have to bring this to a conclusion, soon.

Hearing the incantations from the ruined mastaba, Thrombur decided that it was time to prove the maxim that 'Dwarves are deadly on a short distance', and sprinted around the temple ruins to outflank the staggering Skeletons.

Thus robbed of his companion, Chwllurhwch succumbed to his assailants, and the Flesheaters started squabbling about whether to feast on the fallen Elf, or present him to their Master.

(Had the Heroes been played by each one person, this development might have caused some bad blood, but being a Dwarfanatic, Ulrik decided to go all in on Thrombur, sacrificing the hitherto rather unfortunate Elf.)

Soon, however, one of them started wondering where the other intruder had gone, and started searching for him.

In the picture below, it is hidden behind the palm trees and the Anubis statue.

In the lower left corner, the Mummy King can be seen preparing yet another skull for the Magic Circle. But Thrombur is closing in, and the minions are perhaps too far away....

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  1. I just discovered Crom! My friends and I are panning on giving it a try and are even cooking up out own series of modifications for the rules.