Thursday 24 August 2017

Repairing the Skylight

One of the handles on the skylight had become brittle, and was about to break apart, and as my financial situation is a bit strained at the moment, I had to find a cheap solution.

As you can see, the handles are hollow - which gave me an idea.

I used a caliper for measuring the inner diameter of the handle, as I figured a piece of dowel would fit inside.

As it were, the inner diameter proved to be 16 mm, and I asked my wife to buy a length of dowel that thick. I now have about 2.30 meters of unused dowel, as the DIY/builders' stores here do not sell smaller pieces...

Below you can see a piece of dowel glued in place in the intact handle (I decided to strengthen that one, too, to prevent it from breaking).

The broken handle also had dowel inserted, and I furthermore wrapped it with some cotton ribbon, to stabilize it further. Looks like shit, but I expect it to do the job for a season or two, until I can afford replacing the entire skylight.

The only things left to fix are the table tops of the 'kitchen' section, as they have been damaged by something falling on them - not absolutely necessary to use the caravan, being mostly an aesthetic problem, but I expect to be able to level the holes with some filler, and then cover the table-tops with some self-adhesive foil. More about that at a later time, though...

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