Tuesday, 25 April 2017

SAGA: Mustering the Guard

As mentioned yesterday, I have changed direction and am now aiming at getting a Rohan/Anglo-Saxon warband ready for SAGA.

I have to paint at least eight Royal Guards to exchange for the Minas Tirith spearmen currently standing in for Hearthguards, and also four archers for the Levy.

I did a quick search this morning, and unearthed no less than nine Royal Guards (I think I may have another six NIB in a box in the garage attic, but I shall not have to go looking for them right now - when I get to the next level and have to find a Mounted Ëomer to use as mounted warlord, I shall be rummaging through that box, anyway).

Of course, the Rohirrim will also form part of a Thousand Tribes army for God of Battles, and the Royal Guards are going to play the role as Hyena Warriors (for which I need only 6 models, so I may be able to field two of those).

Over the next couple of days, I shall be cleaning up a handful of these and glue them to washers (I already cut off half the tabs with my razor saw) - I think I shall aim for finishing one point at a time.

It is a real shame, GW never made any alternative body sculpts for these, but I shall try to vary the right arm poses as much as possible without ruining the overall effect.

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