Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Dark Ages: Plastic WIP

The kids have Easter vacation this week, and with them being home, I do not spend much time on the hobby.

I have managed to clear some minis away from the prepping station, though, and have begun assembling the last Vikings I need to get done in order to get the army ready for God of Battles, too.

I expect to get the steam up next week, as from Monday, I have 1½ week off, and it should be possible to get a few minis painted in that time, if I get stuck in and spend most of the days at the pain(t) station (I should finish assembling the above by Sunday, I hope; I have to work Wednesday through Sunday, so I am not going to have much time to spend, but if I can just get two parts ataached per day, I should be fine).

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