Sunday, 2 April 2017

Dark Ages: Full Viking Warband

Here they are, four points of Warriors, two points of Hearthguards for SAGA.

For God of Battles, they can count as two units of Brutes, one unit of Younglings, and almost one unit of Brute Slayers As mentioned earlier, I shall now upgrade the Hearthguard to 10 models, which is effectively all I need to field 24 points in God of Battles, but I shall paint another 10 mail-clad warriors to use as another unit of Brute Slayers, so that I can field different configurations - and only need to do another unit of unarmoured Warriors/Brutes (which will then need only six additional models painted, as the Warriors already count 24 models) for a 36 points army. I shall also paint a Godi for the army; Crescent and Cross has rules for priests, and it is nice to have one for God of Battles as well.

I also need to decide on a Thor model to use this army for Of Gods And Mortals, I shall probably get a pack of the 'fantasy-ish' Vikings from Foundry, together with some berserkers or úlfhednar.

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