Monday, 18 August 2014

Pike & Shot AND Zombies Boards - Getting There!

I am almost done preparing the boards for my first game of PSZ.

I basecoated the boards over the weekend, and as my eldest daughter has come down with a flu, I had to stay home from work today to look after her, and thus I could sneak out to the garage attic and drybrush the boards.

I have hit a bit hard with the brush here and there, and I'll mend that during the week, getting the table ready for a test run of the rules Saturday or Sunday (I may be going on a sailing trip with an old classmate one of the days, so I don't know, yet).

I'm looking forward to finally trying out this game that I've had in my possession for several years - will be interesting to see, if 30 zeds are enough for 2-3 survivors, or if I need to get some more done.

Only thing I need to do, now, is to make a Random Movement Template for the zombies, as I don't want to roll a dice across my game boards to determine direction, but I can mock one up with a ruler, and laminate it, for this first installment.
I'll be using some of the Event Cards (those I have the proper minis for), so I have to print, laminate, at cut out a set of those, too, but that's a question of dedicating 10 minutes or so...

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