Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Chimney (and stove) on the Horizon!

The masons came by today and put up the scaffold for re.building the chimney pipe on the garage chimney:

I am SO looking forward to get a stove installed in the attic - it will mean that it'll be possible to use the gaming parlour in all but the direst winter conditions! Later I may work on insulating the roof, but not right now...


  1. Great! Nothing like a bit of home improvement leading to hobby improvement!

    1. It's actually fionished by now, and I got the attic cleaned up just in time for Attic Attack II - but I still have to buy and install a stove to make the room usable during the cold period (and we are planning to have a kids' Halloween party for my daughters' class mates up there end of next month).