Tuesday, 13 December 2022

Christmas and Other Wars: A Restless Spirit

This is primarily for the Bodyguard of my WoE Undead Warlord (The Defiler), but it fits nicely in my Christmas Display Story, so it will feature there very soon.

I t took me longer to paint than it looks, as at first the Gryph-Charger Grey Contrast Paint did not create as much cntrast as I wished for, so I figured out that the ancient Citadel paint 'Elf Grey' would be a nice fit for some highlighs. It was but not quite as light as I hoped, so I mixed up some Elf Grey and White for an even lighter drybrush. It turns out that Elf Grey - and the lighter mix - looks lighter when wet, and the mix did not turn out as light as I thought. I still used it though, and I'm not going to do more about it this time around (except, maybe have a look at the weird 'highlight' near the point of the scythe), but I think I'll mix some of the lighter tone up with some more white to create a more striking highlight hue.

During the process I noticed several 'bubble damage', casting artifacts, and dust specks in the surface, and I had to mend those, which meant using blade and needle files, and consequently some repainting.

The next one I shall examine more thoroughly prior tp painting, as it is very annoying to have to do the same work several times, but, well, lesson learned, I guess ...
I am going to try out other Contrast hues for the next Oldhammer Ethereals (a lot of new colurs have been issued since I purchased the original release, and I hope to find one that matches the colour of the Army of the Dead from LotR: Return of the King, but for now I shall have to try out some of the colours I already own.

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