Tuesday 19 May 2020

Oathmark Solo Test Game, Turn 7

I started Turn 7 with a major blunder: Eventhough the Rohan Spearmen were Disordered, I had the charge the Uruk-Hai Warriors. I did not realize my mistake until somewhat later; A Disordered unit that passes its Activation Test removes the Disordered status, but cannot perform more than one Simple Action (i.e. cannot charge), so the combat would not have been possible as per the rules.

As it were, the action delivered an almost cinematic moment when the Rohirrim, suffering dreadful losses, managed to break the much larger enemy unit!

In the center, the Warg Riders managed to move through the Orcs, and then charge the Minas Tirith Archers. The result was rather underwhelming, though, and the charge was stopped in its tracks.

The Dwarven Archers picked off another Dunlending.

The Stone Trolls did not move. I probably should move them somewhere else, before the Human Archers start showering them with slow death...

The Dunlending Warriors did not impress anyone.

They were pushed back in disarray.

The Rohan Archers were not exactly having a heyday, either.

The Uruk-Hai Scout Archers could not hit a barn side from 3 yards away.

But the Orc Archers (Goblin Archers) managed to overcome whatever highr winds were impeding their colleagues.

The Dunland Spearmen decided to put and end the the harassment form the Dwarven Archers, but, well...

Then Dunland Soldiers (I think) moved through the fallen back Spearmen, and used their second action to make contact with the Dwarven Linebreakers. Which proved to be a stupid move.

On the far right, the newly arrived Uruk-Hai Scouts made minced meat out of the Rohan Spearmen.

The lone surviving officer decided to fight another day.

That was pretty much it. The Isengard lines are thinner than ever, and I do not think they can keep up the attack much longer. I shall play one more turn before deciding whether to call it decided or not, but the forces of Evil need nothing short of a dice miracle to turn the tables.

Here are the usual overviews of the battlefield.

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