Monday, 18 May 2020

Oathmark Solo Test Game, Turn 6

I finished rebasing and varnishing some metal Uruk-Hai Scouts I purchased second hand some years ago, and I promptly put them on the table.

The Dwarven Archers were still picking on the closing Dunlendings, but they still kept coming!

The Dunlending Warriors smashed into the flank of the Dwarven Soldiers....

...but got beaten back.

The Human Cavalry again charged the Uruk-Hai Scouts on the far right.

This time the Uruks broke...

...but panic did not spread to the Uruk-Hai Warriors nearby...

...who then charged into the flank of the Cavalry, killing all the Humans.

The Uruks were Disordered by the fray, but the steel fist of the Human force had now been checked!

Textbook material, the Cavalry was followed up by Infantry (Rohan Spearmen). They would have been better off attacking in larger numbers, though.

The Uruk-Hai made sure the Rohirrim stayed within reach, only pushing them back 1".

The Trolls truly had turned to stone.

The Rohan Archers still made a nuisance of themselves.

The Dunlending Warriors just closed ranks and sucked it up.

The Dunlending Spearmen attacked the Dwarven Archers, but did not fare well.

Meanwhile, the Orcs (Goblin Soldiers) suffered badly at the bowmanship of the Minas Tirith Archers.

The Uruk-Hai Crossbowmen tried their luck at the Rohan Archers, but to no avail.

The rest of Turn 6 was merely moving and maneuvering, and here are the usual pictures of the battlefield at the end of the turn.

At this point things have started looling a wee tad bleak for the forces of Evil. Their left flank is all but turned, and their main battle line is beginning to show signs of wear and tear, whereas the enemy has several intact or almost intact large units to draw on.

I think we should see a conclusion during the next couple of turns, but who knows - maybe the Dice Gods yet have something to say about it...?

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