Sunday, 9 September 2018

Sunday Dessert: Chocolate Fondue

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed two fondue sets in the local Red Cross  recycling store, at about 1/10 the price for a new one, and I promptly purchased both, as I know my kids love cosey food (I have to get out the raclette barbeque set somewhen soonish, too). The following weekend Anna was busy packing for her school trip to Berlin (all of last week), so I had to wait until this weekend  getting one of the fondue sets in use.

This time, we used it for dessert - found a very easy recipe for chocolate fondue (250g chocolate and 4 spoons of cream, heated in a water bath, then placed over a tea light when served - could not be any easier, right?), and meanwhile my wife and Lea prepared the fruit and marshmellows for when Anna had finished her shower.

Everything was eaten, but the next time we probably shall have to make a small portion in the other pot, using milk chocolate, as Anna is not all that fond of the dark kind.

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