Thursday, 29 March 2018

Vacation 2016 - Day 7, Part 10: Farewell to Empúries, and Luncheon in the Sun

I have been sorely neglecting this blog the last year, and left the summer vacation of 2016 hanging in mid-air, but I intend to bring my holiday memories up to  date over the next couple of months.

I shapped a few additional photos on the way from the Roman city to the exit of the Empúries cite.

On the outskirts of L'Escala is a tourist office with a small parking lot and some nice palm trees. We parked there and had our lunch in the shadow of one of said palms.

The Tourist Office

A view of the hills - without the cars,
one could almost see Sharpe and his Chosen Men emerge from the shrubbery...

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